It is a proven age-old form of facial hair removal practiced in India, China and Middle East. The procedure uses a 100% cotton thread which is twisted and pulled along the skin surface of unwanted hair, lifting hair directly from the follicle.  Since threading is a completely natural skin removal process, it works on all skin types, whether you have normal skin, sensitive skin, tanned or damaged skin.


We use both specailsied Strip Wax and Hot wax for waxing.  For more sensitive areas, we use a specialised hot wax system which is much more effective and comfortable than strip wax. 

We recommend the clients not to use any heat treatments, fake tan, perfumed products and exfoliating products after the waxing.  We recommend Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup.

High Definition Eyebrows

This treatment is focused on the shape and design of the eyebrows.  This eyebrow technique involves tinting, shape defining, waxing, trimming, threading, tweezing and cosmetic enhancement to create highly defined, perfectly shaped eyebrows. The therapist will show you how to maintian the eyebrows at the home.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time. Instead of curls, a setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for about six weeks. .

Henna Brows

Henna brows is a form of the eyebrow tinting.  It is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness.


Tinting is one of the quickest ways to achieve a thicker, natural-looking long-lasting looking Brows and Lashes.  We have three colours to choose from. We can custom-mix the tint to get the perfect shade for you.

Cluster Lashes

The lashes are semi-permanent way to add beautiful and natural looking fullness to your eyes that lasts for 2 weeks.  The lashes are available in three sizes.

Lash Lift

This treatment instantly gives them, lift, separation, and extra definition without the use of extensions or any harmful chemicals.  Lash Lift lasts anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. You may tint your lashes to give further enhancement.

Ear Piercing

We do ear lobe piercings, which is highly popular, even with children.  Under 18 should be accompanied with their parent or guardian to give written consent.   We use Caflon system, it is widely piercing system recognised in the world.

Important Information for Our New Clients 

For treatments Tinting, High Definition Eyebrows, Brow Lamination, Lash lift, Henna Brows and Cluster Lashes, you will need to visit the salon for a patch test at least 24 hours prior to the treatment to ensure no allergy exists.  If you have had any known eye disorders in the past, please discuss this with the therapist at the time of booking by calling 0121 429 4600.